Japan Gets Line of Eevee Merchandise

Prepare yourself to learn about more super-cool merchandise that will likely never come to the USA or Europe.  Ready?  OK!  Pokémon Center stores in Japan have announced a new line of merchandise involving Eevee and all of its evolution called “Eievui.”  The line includes T-shirts, plushies, candy, stationary and more.  

In promotion of the new merchandise, the stores will also be giving away Eevees to owners of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum from December 6th to January 12th.  According to pokemon.co.jp, trainers who evolve this event Eevee by January 31st will be eligible for another gift from the Pokémon Center stores.

[Pokemon.co.jp - Eievui]

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33 Responses
  1. Dragonite says:

    those lucky japanese people they get all the cool stuff :’(

  2. Justin V says:

    Oh my god. That’s…amazing.

  3. Shiny says:

    I want me a Glaceon thing. Now.

  4. BarrelRoll says:

    I want that T-SHIRT!

  5. Arcanator says:

    And to think I could be there X_X

  6. Picklesword says:

    Hm, thats pretty cool, don’t think I would wear it though. :D

  7. Justin V says:

    One shirt for each day of the week! We could all be Eevee people!

  8. RandyPanda says:

    They… get… everything… Eevee is my favorite Pokemon… I’d still buy that stuff, even though I couldn’t wear it… lol.

  9. Mira says:

    i need these..

  10. watectrictrainer says:

    This is teh pwnz. I want it naow.

  11. Kranic says:

    Goddamn you nintendo, you and your not letting me have you eevee goodness. D:

  12. Dr. Alastor Q. Calactus says:

    In general, I think they should pen more Nintendo World Stores. I would do anything for one in Chicago… =]

  13. Adell says:

    I love the plain white and leafeon one. And as much as I don’t want to admit, the umbreon looks really cool too. Lucky peoples!

  14. blacklight says:

    Man… that stuff looks really cool. If i could would wear that t-shirt to school any day :)

  15. random_guy says:

    is that an eevee dice!?!

  16. Justin V says:

    My personal favorite is the Eevee brown and Espeon purple.

  17. JojoBrown44 says:

    My favorite is the Glaceon Blue, because blue is my favorite color.

  18. RocketGrunt Katie says:

    I wish the Espeon was a little less pink and a little more purple. Still cute, though. I wonder if the plushies and the t-shirts come as a set?

  19. anubarak84 says:

    Evee flavored candy huh? I’m thinking:

    Espeon–Strawberry/grape flavor
    Glaceon–Mint flavor
    Leafeon–Green Apple flavor
    Umbreon–Black licorice flavor
    Jolteon–Banana Flavor
    Vaporeon–Blueberry Flavor
    Flareon–Fireball flavor
    Evee–Meh, bread flavor

  20. Blade says:

    Cool stuff. Eevee has always been one of intrest to me in the world of pokemon and eevee and it’s evoloutions got me through FireRed. They could actually base a storyline on eevee and all it’s evoloutions, Involving some kind of evil team…

  21. Mira says:

    Dr. Alastor Q. Calactus I completely agree

  22. Lucario_Boy_ says:

    Some of my favorite pokemon are in the eevee chain. i wish i could go to japan this holiday season.

  23. Lemonnlime says:

    i am so jealous
    i rly want one or some of these :D i love the litle eevee one aww

  24. Legendary_Trainer says:

    I think that they should have like a 1 time thing over here in America for this because I would love some of that merch!

  25. Munchlax Master says:

    I agree this would be cool in US

  26. TheGlitchmaster says:

    Those are pretty cool, and if the Flareon candies taste like what I hope…..

  27. Ria says:

    Those shirts are so awesome. They better get imported at some point in time or another…

  28. ahbobsaget says:

    they should also make hard candies of all the stones. hmm, i guess we already have water stones…ice. eh, it’d still be cool

  29. Bianca-Latias Fan says:

    OMG! How cute. It’s not fair that we don’t get all of that cool stuff! I LOVE Eevee. I even named my dog Eevee.

  30. nekrutmanpokeball says:

    Eevee! How cute!

  31. Rosario says:

    PLUSHIES!!!!! i wanna umbreon one!

  32. Giratina says:

    we don’t need Nintendo World Stores, what we actually need are Pokemon Centers in some states in the US including Houston, Tx is what we need

  33. elizabeth reynolds says:


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