WTPT Mailbag 12/23/08

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  1. BarrelRoll says:

    Hey Jowy and KC!

    This was the first time listening tp you in over 2 months! I lost my iPod around October and December and it had all the good episodes off it! My computer that has iTunes has CRASHED for awhile now and it’ll not reboot! This the only way I’ll be able to communicate with the Jowy/KC/WTPT WORLD…Lol. Anyway, keep up the good work! {Nice Hat Jowy}

  2. BarrelRoll says:

    P.S. The video mailbags are great and you make the pokemon world keep rocking. By the way, KC, I had to forfeit my 2nd Round for the WTPTC. I couldn’t attend it at the time when I was forced to battle.

  3. watectrictrainer says:

    I love these video mailbags! Keep it up! Maybe I’ll be able to send you guys Pokemon Cards instead of the granola I was gonna send. >.<

    Watectric Trainer

  4. KC says:

    Oh man…I think I look so stupid in this one, haha. Look at that big dumb smile I always have. This is why it’s hard for me to listen to the show sometimes – I’m very self critical when looking at myself in the 3rd person.

    If I knew that morning that we were doing the video that night, I would have worn my trademark hat too.

  5. annie says:

    Seeing the stuff from the store was awesome! I hope I can find enough money from my relatives that I can get some shirts soon!
    lol When Jowy went to show the back of the “Phoenix” shirt, he practically sat on the camera!
    Yeah… KC you’re really smile-y :D

  6. la.berg says:

    Haha, great items. I probably will purchase something.
    Too bad I didn’t want Obama

  7. Justin V says:

    “KC Smiley”. It has a ring to it, don’t ya think? Either way, excellent video of the awesome store stuff. I can’t wait to get some of my own stuff as well! We always enjoy these video mailbags, don’t we? You guys should keep sending them stuff so they can pump out more of these!

  8. css_prodigy says:

    Trainers for Obama…hmm…Very Nice!
    I love the new background music.

  9. P-RAD says:

    cool vid i wish you guys would show off the team rocket shirt