Cosplay on IGN’s Pokemon Report

If you listen to the podcast, then I’m certain you have heard KC talk about IGN’s Pokémon Report column. If not, let me give you a quick run down.  Much like we do with WTPT, each week writer Jack DeVries picks a topic of the Pokémon universe to discuss in his column.  Unlike us though, he pokes fun at everything he speaks about and it’s quite funny.

This week’s lampooning is targeted at Pokémon cosplayers.  I warn you though, this may not be for the easily offended, as Mr. DeVries has no reservations with his jibes.

[ - Pokémon Report - Sincerest Form of Flattery]

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8 Responses
  1. Rin says:

    “I’m sick of all the flat chested tomboyish girls stealing the male characters for themselves! You don’t see guys out there in Misty costumes being all—what?
    …oh. Oh god.”

    Bwahahahahaha. XD

  2. watectrictrainer says:

    LOLOLOL! I had read this before. It’s hilarious

  3. Arcanator says:

    That is crazy funny. Especially the dude who cosplayed as Misty XD

  4. la.berg says:

    Bahahahahaha! Hilarious! This made my stressful week better :]

  5. PikaBelleChu says:

    WOW, and for once I find something negative and I am not posted..I think hell has frozen over now.I get no love on this bash fest/XD

  6. Justin V says:

    That was definitely a funny post. Some of the cosplays are awesome, but some of them are scary. :P

  7. BarrelRoll says:

    The Ash guy is “okay” to look at. But the other persons hair…is FREAKING me out.

    On another note, I really like their cosplay.

  8. punkdude56 says:

    Its a pretty good outfit