The Gauntlet is Thrown

Attention Tribunites, we’ve been called into action! The oft cited “Pokemon Report” has published a challenge in their latest article about Pokemon world records. And I, being a petty, petty man, am taking the bait.

“So here we go kids, I’m calling on you. And that means YOU, guys at the Pallet Tribune,” Jack DeVries said in the article. “And you too, forum kids from PokeDream. And especially you hooligans. Get out there and prove your worth.”

DeVries listed several challenges, including scoring the highest overall in Pokémon Snap, various modes of Pokémon Puzzle Challenge and the Pokémon Theme in Donkey Konga. But the challenge isn’t limited to those games; practically anything that can be scored and is Pokémon related is fair game.

Just register with to post your high scores on their site. I’m not familiar with the site myself, or how they validate high scores, but I’m going to start looking into it today. I want our fans to OWN these records, and anyone who does make the cut, let us know and I’ll be glad to post about your records on a special post in the future. Just mention WTPT or The Pallet Tribune in your Twin Galaxies player profile so we know you’re one of ours.

I haven’t been this excited about high scoring since Nintendo Power’s “NES Achievers” section.

[Pokemon Report: World Records]  [Twin Galaxies]

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16 Responses
  1. watectrictrainer says:

    I’m so happy someone famous (other than Pikabellechu) recognizes us!! I am going to sign up and post my scores too! >.>

  2. Justin V says:

    Oh SNAP. Bring it on. We already got ONE Record-holder in this community, let’s add some more.

  3. joec says:

    Dang, I’m still in awe he named us specifically … and first! So who’s in the running over there for oldest Pokéfan? ;)

  4. PikaBelleChu says:

    Good luck to those who try for this, would be cool to to share the book with other peeps here.

  5. RJ987 says:

    I beat the home run records already on brawl using Pokemon Trainer, but lack anything to record it on so my score will be unverified : /

  6. Justin V says:

    Ah! If you can, do it again and record it! Represent TPT!

  7. TheThunderBringer says:

    Too bad i suck at life… i never seem to beat any records, besides of course most deaths in a single halo match…

  8. neffers13 says:

    This looks so exciting! Represent!

  9. RJ987 says:

    Well I borrowed a web cam from a friend and was able to capture two records on SSBB using Pokemon Trainer and Pikachu. So looks like TPT is up to 3 records at least. :o …well 3 when they verify my videos ;p

  10. Cadget says:

    It’d be cool to be a website with lot records and talent!

  11. Poketroid says:

    I could give this a shot, but first I have to find an easy record to beat. :p

  12. Poketroid says:

    Well, I just beat best time with Pokemon Trainer on Target Smash Level 1.

    I’m going to keep trying to make it more impossible.

  13. TheThunderBringer says:

    What do you mean WOULD BE?? WE ARE!

  14. BarrelRoll says:

    Haha! Great article, KC. It really lifted some people’s spirits.

  15. punkdude56 says:

    I hope they whernt talking to me

  16. sheik says:

    I’m close to the donkey konga record. (chimp level)