TCG Feature: Top Ten Trainer Cards from Sets 1-3

By WaterRangerLara

The Pokémon Trading Card Game has come a long way since 1998 , and even though many of the older cards might not be tournament legal now, the first three sets – Base Set, Jungle, and Fossil – had some good cards that can certainly benefit any casual deck.

While having strong Pokémon (with good resistances and low retreat costs, naturally) is all well and good, it’s sometimes beneficial to do stuff other than attack, like draw cards for example. That’s where Trainer Cards come in. You use them during your turn before attacking, and they can do wonders.

The first three sets had some valuable Trainer Cards, and I’m going to discuss what I view to be the top 10 such cards.

10.  PlusPower (Base Set)

Despite putting it in the lowest slot, I have still found PlusPower to be useful. It adds 10 extra damage to a Pokémon’s attack (after calculating Weakness and Resistance). It only works for one turn, but even one turn could turn a game around. This card has been re-released in the Diamond & Pearl, Secret Wonders, and Platinum sets, making it legal for Modified play.

9. Computer Search (Base Set)

TCG aficionados will probably want to shoot me for not making this one of the top five. This was a very frequently used card in the early days since it allowed you to put any card from your deck into your hand. This is helpful for any deck if you need a Stage 2 evolution or a rare card in your deck, like the highly underestimated Double Colorless Energy. My only issue is that you have to discard two other cards to draw the one. Still, it’s not a bad card. It has only been reprinted in Base Set 2, which doesn’t make the cut for Modified Format. However, there are Modified-legal Supporter Cards that allow you to search your deck for cards, like Bebe’s Search and Lanette’s Net Search.

8. Energy Retrieval (Base Set)

Everyone knows that in the TCG, Energy Cards are essential. If you control the Energy, you control the game, so cards like Energy Retrieval (and its evil twin, Energy Removal) are very useful for even the most basic decks. With this card you trade a card in your hand for two Energy cards in your discard pile. Energy Cards are just as likely

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  1. Darkraidude98 says:

    Thats a nice post! keep it up :)

  2. Raiden says:


  3. BarrelRoll says:

    I never really got into the Pokemon Card Game, but I really like this article. It’s a good way to motivate me back into it.

  4. bubmanoftheDSheaDS says:

    This article was well written and think more lists like this would be awesome.

  5. neffers13 says:

    #4 is my favorite out of all ten! =D

  6. Darkraidude98 says:

    it was very well typed
    good luck for the future!

  7. RandyPanda says:

    I’ve used all of these in my decks at some point. I must say that Professor Oak has saved my rear end a lot.

  8. punkdude56 says:

    Nice work never did get into the TGC much oh well

  9. WaterRangerLara says:

    Thanks everybody. I’m glad you like my article. And I’m surprised to see it up already – I sent an edited version to KC after he wrote back asking me to edit, but I thought he’d e-mail me to let me know it was up (which he didn’t). Anyway, it’s awesome that it is and I’m glad you guys like it.

  10. Arcanator says:

    There’s a lot of good cards from the older sets. Im glad to see theyre making a return.

  11. cowmoo83 says:

    I remember I used to like the Pokemon cards… now I just look at the ones my brothers collect.

  12. dackFTW says:

    yes! some TCG news! i love the TCG! i have most of those cards in my best deck