WTPT – Banned Episodes

WTPT - BannedKC and Jowy are back to catch up on some news and for our main topic, discuss banned episodes of the anime.

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WTPT – Banned Episodes

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21 Responses
  1. 8robome says:

    nice podcast

  2. KLB says:

    I would like to read the future.
    Gaze in to my Pokemon Crystal Version ball.

    I see…

    OH MY!!
    Hundreds of requests to join the podcast! More than you can even imagine!

  3. bubman says:

    I’m glad a new episode has come out. I’m also glad an idea I put into the ideas thread on the forums came to fruitition.

  4. Flaming_printer says:

    I feel the need to say that Holiday Hijynx and The Ice Cave were both dubbed and released with Jynx having a slightly purple tint.

  5. RocketGruntCaiti says:


  6. mastertrainer25 says:

    Great episode, as always.

  7. IatosHaunted says:


    If he does leave, I think Annie should replace him. She’s been on the cast neumerous times before, and is just really awesome.

  8. Super Squirrel says:

    Oi. This podcast definitely defines the age range .

    Why!? Why!? Why!? KC, don’t leave!

  9. FireBlaze97 says:

    I’m saddened by the fact KC is stating he is leaving. Yet without him Jowy well let’s just say there humor, both of them run the show and it’s really hard to imagine the show without it. Replacing is one thing but still the show needs you. We understand what must be done. The podcast shail never die! Jowy still runs this train and it’s going to keep on chugging it’s way on.

    We hope you don’t depart KC. We will miss you. Alwase.

  10. Ralts says:

    Awsome! but don’t go KC

  11. joec says:

    KC, did you say Samurai Jack was Nickelodeon rather than Cartoon Network? =:o

    It’ll be sad to see you go, old man :(

    • RocketGruntCaiti says:

      joec i watch Samurai Jack and i have never seen it on Nick but it is on Cartoonnetwork ur thinking of how messes up it is that Naurto is on DisnetXD instead of Cartoonnetwork.

      <3 RGC

  12. PokemonChamp21 says:

    Ah man KC. What ever you do good luck in doing it & make sure you come back for a visit on the podcast a few times.

  13. DragonTrainer says:

    Yeah, I’ve totally seen that “Tentacool and Tentacruel” episode, too.

  14. Soarth says:

    cant you guys do the podcast on the phone or skype or something else?

  15. Arutoa says:

    Well, didn’t he say that it was only a chance that he would have to leave from his job as a/with the FBI/CIA/Knights Templar/Ninja/Pirate/Zombie/Robot/Whatever, so there’s also a chance that he might stay, right?


  16. Crystal Walrein says:

    Listening to this the first time reminds me of New Jersey 101.5. There’s even a guy there named Casey who’s a little off the wall too.

  17. Straw says:

    Oh, man. I saw Episode 18 and 36? 35? That was aired in Korea. Those episodes seemed pretty harmless to me.

    /late comment.