WTPT – Halloween Special 2010

KC is back for a special Halloween episode. We also have some important announcements!

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WTPT – Halloween Special 2010

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12 Responses
  1. PokemonChamp21 says:

    Epic new podcast!!! thanx guys

  2. ToasterRampage says:

    Yay for podcasts! :D

  3. What!?
    Penultimate!? [Over 9000!?]
    That can’t be right!!

  4. Gameghost20000 says:

    yess been wating for this 4 ageses

  5. RainbowIslands says:

    about the typing game,
    it’s called the NINTENDO WIRELESS KEYBOARD — ニンテンドーワイヤレスキーボード
    so it’s wireless, making it DSi/XL capable :D ~ first wireless peripheral for DS :)

    Anyways, I regret haven’t heard of TPT until I lately, only able to to listen to the last three WTPT episodes when it come out :( — thanks for this great episode anyways… :D

  6. Denvari says:

    Wait. Penultimate?

    D: Nuuuuuuuuuuuu!

    Great episode though…

  7. bubman says:

    I’m really gonna miss these Halloween episodes. They were also my favorite. I’ll always remember for the last couple of years how I would download it earlier in the day and wait til night to listen to it. The stories KC narrated were always really cool to listen to at night.

    Great episode guys.

  8. Lucario04 says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. KC. Epic story dude.

  9. Aurum says:

    My computer seriously crashed right as he began the story O-o

  10. FireBlaze97 says:

    Great EP

  11. KLB says:

    @Jowy, You should start WTPT Lite

  12. redworthy says:

    I reckon K.C is going to work for IGN or 1UP.
    But it’s sad that there’s only one more episode of WTPT to go. Then all I’ll have is P.U.C.L and that sucks!