KTPT – Pilot

A pilot for KTPT, a sister podcast to WTPT. Hosted by long-time TPT community members Ducky-von-Karma and Bubman.

(Cover Art provided by Ryan Crossman)

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KTPT – Pilot

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6 Responses
  1. Rin says:

    Grats to KC on the impending marriage, and cheers to Ducky and Bub.

    Now if Jowy or Justin would take a couple minutes and fix the marketplace, I might actually be able to do something with it. :P

  2. DragoonMaster says:

    Maybe we should let Ducky and Bub manage the site? Or find someone else who has the time to do it.

    • bubman says:

      I’m sure Jowy has plans for the future of how the site will run and all that.

      As for me running the site, I’m not even a mod yet. lol

  3. darkrai.1 says:

    Well this is an……….interesting turn of events

  4. Adell says:

    If you need someone who stays updated with the current meta, I will gladly volunteer.