Congratulations, KC! Weddings Rock!

That’s right, everyone! KC, the infamous TPT Co-Founder and our awesome friend, will be getting married today! Good luck, good sir, for finally tying the knot with the “Missus”. It’s about damn time!

Go ahead. Post your well-wishes (and inevitable “marriage = prison” jokes) below! 

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8 Responses
  1. bubman says:

    I for one am really happy for you KC, and wish you and Mrs. KC the best of luck.
    From the new host to the previous host, congratulations.


  2. pkmn trainer says:

    Congrats K.C, and wish the best of luck to you and the “Missus” :D

  3. Aurum says:

    So if I eat that cake, I’ll be able to Pac-man AND the Ghosts right?

  4. yoshi1001 says:

    Why is Dennis Rodman on that cake?

  5. faroresdragn says:

    marriage = prison

    *hilarity ensues*

    but seriously, congratulations. best of lucks.

  6. KC says:

    Thanks everyone for the well-wishes! It’s so great that this is over with and I can move on with other things in my life at last.

  7. RocketGruntCaiti says:

    It is about time congrats man.

    And marriage is prison. -Caiti’s mom

  8. BarrelRoll says:

    As a die hard Pac-Man fan, I say…excellent choice! When I saw that cake, I chuckled.

    Congratulations, KC. I wish you the best of luck!