KTPT – The Lost Episodes

Believe it or not, Bub and Ducky DID record some episodes during that big gap! They aren’t exactly relevant anymore, but if you feel like giving ‘em a listen, or you just like the sound of Ducky’s voice and Bub’s dulcet tones, we present to you… The Lost Episodes (plus the original released episodes, now on the correct feed!).

Direct Download Link:

KTPT Episode 0 – The KTPT Pilot

KTPT Episode 1 – Halloween Spooktacular

KTPT Episode 2 – A Very KTPT Thanksgiving

KTPT Episode 3 – Ria’s Holiday Shopping Guide

KTPT Episode 4 – The Nightmare Before Christmas

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5 Responses
  1. bubman says:

    Boo ya.

  2. 8robome says:

    Yeah more episodes :D

  3. yoshi1001 says:

    Episode 3 isn’t working for me.

  4. Kylemon says:

    Yeah! More KTPT! I thought you all died for a while.