WTPT – The Grand Finale

Jowy and KC are joined by JustinV and JoeC for the long awaited good bye episode of WTPT.

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WTPT – The Grand Finale

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7 Responses
  1. joec says:

    WAAAAAAAH :( :( :(

    At least I can literally say I’ve been waiting 5 years for this.

  2. KC says:

    You really have been, haha. Can’t believe you actually remembered when the lustrum would be!

    Ah, good memories leave a heavy weight in my heart. These were simpler times and they were all really fun!

  3. redworthy says:

    It’s the end on an era, and the memories will stay with us forever

    Now to look to the future!

  4. Listening right now! It makes me sad to see it go… Well, we’ve still got the MP3′s and the memories :-)

    Also joec, I laugh about the lustrom.

  5. joec says:

    And here’s the entry I made in iCal 5 years ago: pic.twitter.com/WtcmHY6rZF

    Being obsessive is usually a bad thing. but it comes in handy sometimes when you, say, have to learn the names and types of 649 different pocket monsters…

    Anyway I really did enjoy my time spent with everyone here and being part of the WTPT family. Onward and upward to wherever life takes us next.

  6. FireBlaze97 says:

    Its been real guys this is the highlight of my high school years.

  7. Nekru says:

    Goodbye TPT.