Chat Room/Forum Rules

-No foul language or content

This includes cursing of any kind, insults, and generally useless or overtly negative speak. Any post displaying any sort of lewd and crude imagery is not allowed, as well as activity with the direct intent of causing trouble.

-No spamming

This has become a problem in the chat room as of late. The following are considered spam: Repeating any message more than once; using sound clips excessively; advertising for websites, etc.; linking to sites that are off topic; repeated use of all-capitalized messages.

Advertising websites is minimally allowed on our Spam Forum. No other types of spam are.

Also, a new issue we’ve been having is the derailing of topics. Please stick to the main topic in a thread, and do not stray from the main subject at hand. We’ve seen a lot of newbies (and a few regulars!) being guilty of this, and this occurrence should be minimized, if not completely eradicated.

-No impersonating others

It goes without saying that we don’t want people impersonating admins, mods, and other members. We also disallow the creation of multiple accounts, unless you are allowed to do so.

-No asking to be a Moderator or Administrator.

We created this rule, because so many people bombarded us with requests to become a Mod or Admin. We promote/demote people with our discretion. Do not pester us about it.