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KTPT – The Ketchup Episode

Ducky and Bub catch up on old news; I’m sure you’ve missed their banter and general charisma in these past couple of months! Discussion of B2/W2, new TCG cards, et cetera.

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KTPT – The Ketchup Episode

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KTPT – The Lost Episodes

Believe it or not, Bub and Ducky DID record some episodes during that big gap! They aren’t exactly relevant anymore, but if you feel like giving ‘em a listen, or you just like the sound of Ducky’s voice and Bub’s dulcet tones, we present to you… The Lost Episodes (plus the original released episodes, now on the correct feed!).

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KTPT Episode 0 – The KTPT Pilot

KTPT Episode 1 – Halloween Spooktacular

KTPT Episode 2 – A Very KTPT Thanksgiving

KTPT Episode 3 – Ria’s Holiday Shopping Guide

KTPT Episode 4 – The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Trogdor’s Pokémon of the Week – Salamence

Hey, it’s Trogdor, and welcome to the new POKEMON OF THE WEEK FEATURE. Here, I will choose a Pokémon, and give it a spotlight, with a competitive focus! And what better Pokémon to start our series other than…



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Pwnemon’s Card of the Week: Blastoise

Hello; Pwnemon here, bringing you the card of the week! This time, as in every four editions, I’m reviewing a deck! And, as you know you can’t have a deck without a fancy name, give it up for BFF!

This guy would totally love to be your BFF.

The name of the deck actually derives from its three main Pokemon: Blastoise, Feraligatr Prime, and Floatzel GL Lv. X. Feraligatr Prime keeps popping up in my reviews like a bad penny, but this is really the best use for him so I won’t abuse him any more, OK? Anyway, the point is to set up all three of these guys as fast as possible using cards like Broken Time Space and Interviewer’s Questions. Then, with Rain Dance, you’ll be firing off 100 damage to whatever the heck you want until Blastoise dies. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! With this limited time offer, Floatzel GL’s Water Rescue puts everything that is discarded when Blastoise dies right back in your hand, so by the next turn you’re still doing 100s like hamsters run on wheels!

This deck isn’t uncounterable, obviously. It takes a little while to set up, and even then Luxray GL just stomps all over you with an OHKO of Floatzel with Bright Look, and anything that sends you to the Lost Zone upon a KO pretty much ruins your mood. But overall this is a pretty chill deck.

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Pokemon Profile: Ho-Oh

Pokemon #250: Ho-Oh

By: HunterX


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Pwnemon’s Card of the Week: Lanturn Prime

Okay, this week I’ll be reviewing Lanturn Prime as suggested by Ace! Here’s the card:

Firstly, the stats are overall pretty lame for this card, seeing as it’s a prime. I would have expected more than 110 HP on a Lanturn seeing how bulky it is ingame, but the cards haven’t always been known for faithful reproductions (See Kingdra Prime’s weakness). Also, its retreat cost is two, and it has a weakness to Fighting, which is compounded by the fact that most fighting types resist Electric types. But that is all glossed over by its simply beautiful Poke-Power. Not only does letting it change types laugh in the face of resistances (especially at ground types), but it also lets it combine with Feraligatr for a truly powerful card. more…

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Pwnemon’s Card of the Week – Magmortar

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the long wait, but I finally got back around to this. This week, as requested by SuperSquirrel, I will be reviewing Magmortar from the Unleashed set. Here’s the card:

This card seems a little hard to run in a deck judging by the fact that it has a 2x weakness to water, a retreat cost of two, and worst of all, discards at least two cards whenever it attacks. And as of now, it is hard to run. The only things that slightly make this work are Porygon-Z Lv. X if you use Hard Crush or Heatran Lv. X if you use Mantle Bazooka. However, I can feel the anticipation in this card for when the next set, Lost Link, rolls around in August. more…

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By Shiny

There are some Pokemon that just don’t make sense. Each day we see more and more backwards-legged dog-people and giant gas-spewing air mines. Usually, there’s some explanation for why these things make absolutely no sense. Usually this explanation is “We said so; shut up.” But, occasionally, there are some that make such a little amount of sense that not even “we said so” would work.

Here’s five of them.

#5: Voltorb

Voltorb is one of those weird Pokemon from the good ol’ days. If you are one the zero people who looked at a Poke Ball and thought ‘I want that thing to be ALIVE’ then Voltorb is your dream. Your dream that steals electricity, zaps people on touch, rolls to move, and explodes whenever it moves on uneven ground.

Look closely enough and youll start to see a problem.

Look closely enough and you'll start to see a problem.

If you couldn’t tell from that picture, Voltorb isn’t completely round. If it goes forward at all, it rolls on its uneven self and explodes. Of course, it can just roll on its side. Sure. But how far can it go without hitting anything even slightly uneven? more…

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Pwnemon’s Card of the Week: Feraligatr

Hello, and welcome to the fifth edition of Card of the Week! We return from our break to the regularly scheduled review of… Feraligatr Prime! This card is a fun remake of yet another old card! (Doesn’t Nintendo love doing that?)


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Pwnemon’s Card of the Week: Shuppet

Hello, Pwnemon with this Card of the Week! As promised, this week we’ll be looking at a deck. So, in an effort not to cover the tired and conventional, here’s Shuppet!

This is the main engine in a fun deck called (guess what) Shuppet! A decklist for this could vary greatly, but here’s an example: more…

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