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Congratulations, KC! Weddings Rock!

That’s right, everyone! KC, the infamous TPT Co-Founder and our awesome friend, will be getting married today! Good luck, good sir, for finally tying the knot with the “Missus”. It’s about damn time!

Go ahead. Post your well-wishes (and inevitable “marriage = prison” jokes) below! 

Black & White Bonanza – North American Release Date and Trailer

After many months of intense anticipation, localization/sprite design debates, and online battle testing, we have finally been given gifts from Nintendo of America in the forms of a release date and a trailer! Though the trailer doesn’t show anything too extraordinary or brand new, it does set an interesting tone that isn’t too common in Pokémon commercials, and reveals the new March 6th release date.

It looks like the wait will soon be over, guys! Hang in there!

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New Pokemon RPG to be Released in 2010


The Pokémon Company has announced that they will be revealing a new Pokemon RPG in the February 2010 edition of CoroCoro Comics (think Shonen Jump).

For now, we can only speculate as to whether this is the upcoming Fifth Generation or not, though there was some mention of “a rebirth” and “new Pokémon”. The only non-ambiguous details we have about this game is that it’s an RPG and that it will be released (in Japan) this year. Thank you, Google Translate.

Since the Mystery Dungeon series is also technically an RPG, there is the slight possibility that the announcement will be an expansion to that game-line. Then again, the developer on the main site is stated to be GameFreak, and they usually work exclusively on the main-line Pokémon games.

Let’s just hope that this announcement will lead to some interesting results


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New Melee! Pokemon Scramble! for WiiWare

Ever since Pikachu was included in the Smash Bros series, us PokéFanatics have always pined for a full-fledged Pokémon game based on that melee-style fighting system. Well, it seems our hopes and wishes have finally come true…somewhat.

A LOT more details after the break.


Spring WTPTC 2009 – Final Battle

Check out Part 2 after the break!


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The Pokemon Video Game Championships 2009


It is time yet again, for another giant Pokemon competition! No, this isn’t the WTPTC! In fact, the new Pokemon Showdown (now renamed the Pokemon Video Game Championships) will start its circuit on May 9th!

The tournament battles will be 2 vs 2 Double Battles, with 4 to 6 Pokemon on each team. There will be two age divisions in the Championship: Senior (12 years old and older) and Junior (11 years old and younger). Sadly, only 128 Trainers will be randomly chosen from each age division in order to compete for a chance to fly to the June 27th National Championship in St. Louis, Missouri!

Don’t you worry, though! Even if you don’t make it to the top, every competitor will receive a level 50 Shiny Milotic for their efforts. This Milotic will have the ability “Marvel Scale” (which is the only ability a Milotic can have), and will know Rain Dance, Recover, Hydro Pump, and Icy Wind. Its Held Item will be a “Flame Orb”, and its Ribbon will be a “Classic Ribbon”. Pretty tempting, eh?

Remember, all prospective participants MUST use Pokemon Platinum, or they will not be able to qualify. Good luck to all the Tribunites that’ll be attending this event, and for those of you who are fortunate enough to be chosen as a competitor…happy battling

The Championship schedule will be posted after the break!


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The Spring TPT Challenge Commences!!

“The WTPT Challenge has finally begun! Wish the participants good luck as they battle it out for the position of the WTPTC Champion! To those who are competing, the match-ups for the tournament are posted in the “competitions” section of the site. Don’t forget you have three days to finish round one or you’re disqualified! Enjoy the tournament and be sure to have fun! The winner of the WTPTC will have their choice in a selection of EV trained and IV bred Pokemon, as well as an award to go in your Award Case! 2nd and 3rd place winners will also receive similar prizes.”

Here are the various WTPTC Links:

[Main Thread] - [Bracket 1] – [Bracket 2]

Exclusive Giratina Figure with Platinum Preorders

The arrival of Platinum is just around the corner! As I’m sure we all know, Pokemon Platinum will be released on March 22nd. As an added bonus, Nintendo will be giving out a limited Giratina figure to anyone who pre-orders the game! Keep in mind, though. You won’t be getting the figure until you pick up the actual game.

This Giratina figure (as can be seen on the image) is about 2.75 inches tall, and was designed by the Kaiyodo Company. Kaiyodo is an esteemed figurine and model kit company, and are well-known for their “Revoltech” line of anime-based figures.

Though the press release didn’t include a list of participating retailers, GameStop has already guaranteed their participation. Other potential retailers include GameCrazy, Best Buy, and Toys R Us.

[GameStop] [Bulbapedia]

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New Feature: The Pallet Tribune Oekaki


Greetings everyone! We have recently added a brand new feature to the site: an Oekaki! Unfortunately, you will have to re-register to the Oekaki, since it will not use your Forum account. Please make your Oekaki name exactly the same as your Forum name!

Don’t know what an Oekaki is? Forum-member Rin has kindly written up a small guide to what an Oekaki is. Check it out after the break!

[The Pallet Tribune Oekaki]


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Amazon Reveals the Release Date for Movie 11 has recently posted a release date for the DVD of the new Pokémon Movie: Giratina and the Sky Warrior. According to their site, the DVD will be released on March 31st, 2009, approximately 9 days after the release of Pokémon Platinum and 4 days before the rumored release of the Nintendo DSi! The end of March will surely be filled with tons of Pokémon craziness!

Amazon will be selling the DVD for $13.99.

[Amazon] [Bulbapedia]