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Missingno in Action

It seems like forever since our interview with remix maestro Gerry Wheatley. He was the director for “The Missingno Tracks”, a compilation of Pokémon music remixes that got us hyped back in October of last year.

“Well, it’s out! It’s done, complete, and free for the taking,” Wheatley told The Pallet Tribune today, adding how grateful he was for our episode dedicated to the project way back when. “I’d go so far as to say that it helped motivate some of us into working harder, as we ended up over-shooting our original tracklist.” That list ultimately hit a whopping 28 tracks with 24 different contributing artists.

You can download all the songs right now from OverClocked ReMix for free, and just in time for Pokémon’s 15 anniversary. If you like what you hear, do these fine artists a solid and spread the word or embed the promo trailer below on your site.


The Missingno Tracks Homepage

The Missingno Tracks Promo Trailer

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Catch Mew if You Can!

If there was ever a true Legendary Pokémon, Mew would be it. Though many Pokémon fans never got a chance to catch the elusive #151…until now!

Between October 15 and 30, Nintendo is giving trainers the opportunity to download a Mew over Wi-Fi in honor of Pokémon Gold and Silver’s 10th anniversary. Just go to the Mystery Gift option from the main menu and make sure you have less than three Wonder Cards saved (you can delete old ones). The Mew will be level five, come in a Cherish Ball and be holding a Premier Ribbon.


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US Deposes Japan for Pokémon World Championship

The 2010 Pokémon World Championship saw a changing of the guard as America’s Ray Rizzo took the Masters Division video game championship from Japan.

The Championships, held in Kona, Hawaii from August 14 to 15, boasted 375 players from 25 countries. Competitors battled it out for two days with hopes of winning either the video game or trading card game title in one of two age groups.

Rizzo, who hails from Marlton, New Jersey, defeated Yasuki Tochigi in the final round to take the Masters video game title. The Junior video game title went to Shota Yamamoto of Japan. For the Pokémon Trading Card Game championship, Canada’s Jacob Lesage won the Masters title and Yuka Furasawa won for Japan in the junior division.

Winners received prize packages that include scholarships and travel expenses to defend their title in the 2011 championship.

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Movie 12 Breaks Pre-Release Record

Arceus Movie 12Pokémon has made the record books again, and this time it has nothing to do with PikaBelleChu.

The highly anticipated 12th Pokémon movie, roughly translated as Arceus: To The Conquering of Space-Time, set a record for being the most pre-sold animated movie ever. The film sold an amazing 2,384,198 pre-ordered tickets before its July 18th opening in Japan.

This is a significant turnaround for the movie series, as ticket sales have been on a steady downward trend ever since the Pokémon: The First Movie.

[The Escapist - Twelfth Pokémon Movie Sets Guinness Records]

Special thanks to Christine Sakariasen for finding this story for us.

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HeartGold/SoulSilver Get Japan Release Date

We finally have a Japanese street date for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver: September 12.

The games will be priced at the equivalent of $50 and will be bundled with the Poké Walker .

No U.S. street date has been announced yet.

Those Absurd Pokemon

Reason Online published a list last week calling out the ten most absurd Time Magazine cover stories over the past 40 years, and “Beware of the Poke Mania” came in third.

“This Time cover story breathlessly warns that children are printing counterfeit cards, cheating friends and classmates, and even stabbing one another over Pokemon trading disputes,” Reason Online says about the November, 1999 Time story.

Time’s article goes as far as to say, “The ease with which [children] slip into cunning and thuggery can stun a mergers-and-acquisitions lawyer.”

However, Reason Online (as their name implies) takes a more reasonable look at the “Pokéocracy”, stating that the magazine never actually presents any substantiating data for this horrible fad that is ruining America’s youth. RO even mentions a BBC story done on Pokémon during the U.K. Poke-craze that explains how Pokémon could teach children economic lessons such as supply and demand, exchange rates and bubble bursting (No, they don’t mean the Water-type move).

I remember picking up this copy of Time when I was a 10-year-old waiting in the doctor’s office. I’m pretty sure the entire article was crafted solely to capitalize on the first wave of Poké-fever in the U.S. and maybe get a few people to pay attention to Time again.

[Reason Online - Top 10 Most Absurd Time Covers ] [Time - Beware the Poke Mania ]


A beefier version of Pokémon was proposed to Nintendo shortly after its original Japan release, to make it more appealing to western markets, a recent interview with Nintendo President Satoru Iwata reveals.

Iwata spoke to Japanese website Though the full interview hasn’t been translated yet, according to Kotaku, Iwata said, “We were sent a proposal of muscle-bound characters to use if we wanted to do well in the U.S.” Obviously, that idea never saw the light of day.

While I’m still curious what these "musclemon" would have looked like, I’m sure some of you will send me a fan art renditions of them to give me an idea.

[Toyokeizai ] [Kotaku ]

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Overheard on Twitter

In what may become a regular feature, I’ve collected these funny, interesting or simply whacked out Pokémon tweets from Twitter. Any bad grammar is their own dang fault. Follow any of these people at your own risk… more…

A First Peek at HG/SS


The first trailer and pictures from the upcoming Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver games were released this week.

While I’m as interested as any of you to see this footage, the commentary by the cast of the Pokémon Sunday show in Japan seems to be a bit overdone - especially when you consider that the trailer (while in HD) is just the main character pacing back and forth with a Chikorita behind him. Still, the graphics certainly are pretty, and you can see a shimmering light effect on the screen which leads me to believe that we can expect more visual effects to come.

Confirmation that Pokémon Yellow’s mechanic of having your starter Pokémon as your walking buddy is good to see, and spurs speculation about what else may be added.

If you want to see more, Pokébeach has a few nice scans from Japanese magazine CoroCoro, including pictures of the main characters in their new duds.

[ YouTube - Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver HQ Trailer ] [ Pokébeach ]

The Center of Attention

Obviously, anyone who reads this site would make one of Japan’s Pokémon Centers a definite stop on any tour of the country, but apparently, we’re far from the only ones.

According to TripAdvisor’s list of the top 20 hotspots visitors to the Land of the Rising Sun want to see, the Pokémon Center ranked #3. TripAdvisor even goes a little deeper, saying that Americans are the third most likely nationality to put the center on their top 5 list of places to visit. There are currently five Pokémon Centers throughout Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Yokohama and Sapporo.

Visit the links below to see the full top 20 list.

[Kotaku] [TripAdvisor]