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The Gauntlet is Thrown

Attention Tribunites, we’ve been called into action! The oft cited “Pokemon Report” has published a challenge in their latest article about Pokemon world records. And I, being a petty, petty man, am taking the bait.

“So here we go kids, I’m calling on you. And that means YOU, guys at the Pallet Tribune,” Jack DeVries said in the article. “And you too, forum kids from PokeDream. And especially you hooligans. Get out there and prove your worth.”

DeVries listed several challenges, including scoring the highest overall in Pokémon Snap, various modes of Pokémon Puzzle Challenge and the Pokémon Theme in Donkey Konga. But the challenge isn’t limited to those games; practically anything that can be scored and is Pokémon related is fair game.

Just register with to post your high scores on their site. I’m not familiar with the site myself, or how they validate high scores, but I’m going to start looking into it today. I want our fans to OWN these records, and anyone who does make the cut, let us know and I’ll be glad to post about your records on a special post in the future. Just mention WTPT or The Pallet Tribune in your Twin Galaxies player profile so we know you’re one of ours.

I haven’t been this excited about high scoring since Nintendo Power’s “NES Achievers” section.

[Pokemon Report: World Records]  [Twin Galaxies]

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KC’s Log: Little Towns, Big Competitions

Every now and then, I find local news articles about Pokémon card tournaments for both the video game and TCG, and the excitement they bring to small towns.

It’s just funny to me that after more than a decade of worldwide popularity, all of these articles have to explain the game from scratch again, including what “Pokémon” means and its pronunciation. I also find it funny that you hear many of the same explanations of the game like, “It’s easy to get into, but difficult to master.”

But what I found most striking is how big some of these tournaments get – some of them have 80 players. That’s more than I see at the comic shop King’s Games in Brooklyn. I hope this doesn’t sound like a knock, but maybe in the smaller towns people have less to distract them, so it’s easier to get them dedicated to something like this. But there is a misconception, I think, that all of these articles fail to help clear up: most competitions like this are organized by ordinary people. And that’s what brings me to…


KC’s Log: Dropping the Pokéball

So, my first shot at the tournament was glorious, it was immaculate, it was…over before it began. Yeah, as some of you may have noticed, I was eliminated in the first round of this season’s WTPTC. And no, my opponent didn’t hack or get an awesome combo off on me. I was hit by the most classic strategy of all – victory by default.

It was the first time I’ve tried to get my DS online since I moved, and apparently my wireless router’s security settings aren’t compatible with the game. I had to jump a few hoops to get it to work with all my different laptops, so I didn’t want to mess with it in the spur of the moment. So, I whipped out the old dongle after having spent a year in the bleakest corners of my junk drawer for about a year. After dusting it off and popping it in I was honestly surprised to see the green light still came on. But that was the only good sign, as my DS told me something about not being able to acquire an IP address. So, with frustrated indignation, I resigned to my opponent.


Pokémon TCG Goes Platinum

The newest expansion to the Pokémon TCG, Platinum, is scheduled for a February 11 release, just a month before the DS game arrives in the US, according to a press release yesterday.

The expansion will include 130 new cards including the TCG premier of Shaymin and the alternate form of Giratina.

Most exciting to the card game’s fans are the Platinum Pre-release tournaments that will be held over the weekends starting January 31, and will continue until the February release.

Click the jump or follow the link below for more details.



Maddie Blaustein: A Voice to Remember

Madeleine Joan Blaustein, the voice actress you may best recognize as the smart-talking voice of Meowth, passed away in her sleep last week on Thursday, December 11, after a short bout with an illness. She was 48.

Born in Long Island, NY, Blaustein’s work on the Pokémon anime began with her doing the roles of walk-on characters including Lt. Surge and Bill. In season 1, episode 32 she took over the role of Meowth from Nathan Price which she continued for 300 episodes and 8 years.

In addition to her feline role, Blaustein also voiced characters for many other anime including Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kirby: Right Back At Ya! and One Piece. She was also featured in popular video games including Shadow Hearts and Valkyrie Profile. Having just playing through the latter example, I can attest to her broad range of abilities as she voiced several characters in that game from the rough, macho voice of the warrior Arngrim to the effeminate wizard Lezard Valeth; a character who remains to this day in my personal pantheon of great hero/villains. This is in no small part thanks to her brilliant portrayal.

Blaustein was also an accomplished artist and writer who created 3D content for the online world Second Life and helped with the art and writing of several comics including Static and Hardware.

4Kids Entertainment posted an article on their site in memorial of Maddie where readers can comment.

If you have some final words for Maddie, or would simply like to comment about her life and career, we encourage you to send us a voicemail for our next episode.  (206) 202 4575

[4Kids] [Filmography] [Blaustein as Meowth] [Blaustein as Lezard-Go to 8:00]

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The Criminal Element

This has become another regular stop on my weekly scan for Pokémon on the big sites; “The Pokémon Report” by IGN Editor Jack DeVries. He’s written about the dumbest professors, the coolest merch, and most recently, the best and (mostly) worst criminal organizations in the Pokémon universe.

Actually, only Team Galactic seems to earn the evil seal of approval from DeVries who wrote, “While Team Rocket is busy stealing Pokemon for petty cash, and the Hoenn region is dealing with flamboyant hippies, Team Galactic is over in Sinnoh trying to destroy the entire motherflipping universe.”

Personally, I’ve always thought that destroying the universe was a little cliché in video games, but I think I have to agree with DeVries’ assessment. Besides, after as many games as Pokémon has put out, they have properly built-up the world and storyline enough that world destruction actually means something to me.

In addition to the above mentioned groups, the article also rips into the Go-Rock Squad, Team Snagem and Team Dim Sun. Gee, wonder what he wouldn’t like about any of those groups?

DeVries makes plenty of humorous comments throughout all of his articles, as well as a fair number of insightful observations. I just hope that one day they make an organization that can actually overcome the awesome might of some 12-year-old kid and the pokemon he caught yesterday.


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Pokemon Adventures Return this Summer

The Pokémon Adventures manga will be re-released in America this summer, according to listings on

The listings, discovered by PokéBeach yesterday, state the release dates for the first two volumes as June 2 and August 4 respectively (you can preorder now). The manga’s publisher, Viz Media, has not made any official announcements on their web site as of this post, but I’m sure they’ve said something at a convention or two.

I’ve been reading through these manga since October, and it is certainly the most serious and plot-driven series in the franchise – a shame they stopped printing it at volume 7 back in 2003.

It is worth noting that this reprinted series is being left in the original Japanese format (read right to left). Back in 2003, the series was “flipped” so Americans could read it left to right. This is actually a very costly and time consuming process that made it difficult to bring manga stateside. Since then, however, many publishers have learned that not only do most Americans not mind things being left in the original Japanese format; they prefer it.

To learn more about the manga, listen to our episode about the compilation edition of the manga, Pokemon Special Manga: Yellow. And if you’ve been to a Viz panel recently, please let us know.

[Pokemon Special Podcast] [PokéBeach] [VizMedia] [Amazon#1] [Amazon#2]

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In my weekly search for Pokémon on Kotaku, I found out about these pieces of Japanese transportation transformed into something much cooler.

These are regular, every-day commuter trains painted by famous artists to liven up the daily grind. In addition to the snazzy Pika-choo-choos (click the links to see a second one), there are many other anime and pop-culture icons plastered on the transports, including Doraemon, Spiderman and One Piece (my personal favorite). It appears that some of the trains even have appropriately decorated interiors as well.

You can find a complete gallery of the pictures at Pink Tentacle.

[Pink Tentacle] [Kotaku]

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8-Bit in 3D

A Japanese design team called Tibori Design have an awesome blog called Dotter Dotter where they post 8-bit inspired pieces of 3D art, including this one of the original Pokémon game (check out their site to see full-sized images).

That’s not all; you may also find their Mario Bros, Mega Man, Zelda and dozens of other pieces pretty impressive too. It’s definitely a blog I’ll be checking regularly from now on. has also posted this blog on their site, so be sure to check them out if you get a chance.

[Dotter Dotter Blog]  []

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12th Movie Trailer Full of Mystery

Kunihiko Yuyama, director for the Pokémon movies, was featured in a trailer for the 12th movie this week, stating that the new movie’s title will be revealed on December 13th, according to a post on PokeBeach.

Another mystery he promised to reveal is a small, yellow, electric Pokemon that would save the world. The trailer shows Pikachu standing along side this mystery pokémon, but it is blocked by a large “?”. PokeBeach speculates that this may be a baby pokémon from the 5th generation, which would be in keeping with the tradition of revealing one such pokémon in a movie prior to the launch of that generation of games. more…

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