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Congratulations, KC! Weddings Rock!

That’s right, everyone! KC, the infamous TPT Co-Founder and our awesome friend, will be getting married today! Good luck, good sir, for finally tying the knot with the “Missus”. It’s about damn time!

Go ahead. Post your well-wishes (and inevitable “marriage = prison” jokes) below! 

Welcome to TPT 4.0

Welcome to the 4th major release of The Pallet Tribune. Most of the changes to the site this time around are organizational.  You’ll find that the front page and forums have a new look. (If you can’t see the new look in the forums, go to the bottom of this page and change your forum skin). The links on the front page have been reorganized and made simpler; many sections of the forums have been cleaned up and we are super excited to get TPT back in gear. Join us tonight for a UStream broadcast at 8PM EDT. See you there!

Update: Here is a link to the recording of the live show.

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Under Construction

Please pardon our appearance while we work on TPT. Thank you for your patience!

PikaBelleChu’s Costume Contest

Halloween Contest

Click here for all the details!

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TPT 3.0 Redesign

NOTICE: The forums will be down for a couple hours while we upgrade the software, followed by the homepage.  Please keep an eye on our Twitter for updates!

Please be patient as we transition to our new look.

And…. we’re back!

We were having some database issues, but they are sorted out now. You may now continue what you were doing. =)

Doubling the Traffic

It was one year ago, in April of 2008, that I was posting to you about having 5000 unique visitors to the site and now, we finally reached a new milestone.  For the month of March we have surpassed 10000 unique visitors… and by a lot!  The final tally was 11074.

Our achievement is thanks to the hard work of many people.  First, to Justin V for setting up and maintaining our super awesome forums, our new chat room and oekaki.  You rawk!  Next, thanks to all of our writers, new and old.  Our extensive coverage of Platinum is what made this possible.  Thanks also, to our moderators for making the forums and the chat an awesome place.  In addition, I’d like to thank all of our members who have told their friends about the site.  Give yourselves a high-five for me!

What great achievements await us around the corner?  I can’t wait to see!

Make the jump to see some other interesting stats!


The Spring TPT Challenge Commences!!

“The WTPT Challenge has finally begun! Wish the participants good luck as they battle it out for the position of the WTPTC Champion! To those who are competing, the match-ups for the tournament are posted in the “competitions” section of the site. Don’t forget you have three days to finish round one or you’re disqualified! Enjoy the tournament and be sure to have fun! The winner of the WTPTC will have their choice in a selection of EV trained and IV bred Pokemon, as well as an award to go in your Award Case! 2nd and 3rd place winners will also receive similar prizes.”

Here are the various WTPTC Links:

[Main Thread] - [Bracket 1] – [Bracket 2]

Tweet Tweet!

We know it’s sometimes hard wondering when a new episode will be up, or if Jowy will be attending an event. So we’ve just launched our very own Twitter feed to let you know what we’re up to between episodes.

Just visit click the link below to see all the little things we’re doing every day to make the site great. You can also make your own account to “follow” our updates and make comments.  Alternatively, you can follow our Twitter updates on the new TPT Twitter widget on the sidebar of the main page.

[PalletTribune on Twitter]

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New Feature: The Pallet Tribune Oekaki


Greetings everyone! We have recently added a brand new feature to the site: an Oekaki! Unfortunately, you will have to re-register to the Oekaki, since it will not use your Forum account. Please make your Oekaki name exactly the same as your Forum name!

Don’t know what an Oekaki is? Forum-member Rin has kindly written up a small guide to what an Oekaki is. Check it out after the break!

[The Pallet Tribune Oekaki]


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