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Pokemon Jack-o-Lanterns by Joh-wee

These are way too cool for words. DeviantArt member Joh-wee (not to be confused with TPT’s Jowy) has made tons of awesome Pokémon Jack-o-Lanterns right in time for Halloween. Check out many more of her creations right here!

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Alex Day – Pokémon, What Happened to You?

A fun song/video poking fun at the later generations of Pokémon.

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Jowy in Japan: Pokemon Shinkansen

For the past week I have been traveling all over Japan. The first place I decided to go by rail was the northern island of Hokkaido. I booked the bullet train or “Shinkansen” to get there. Lo and behold, my first one was the Pokémon train you may have read about. Check out my photos below!

The Tall Grass – Optimism

The Tall Grass explores a couple of possibilities for Pokemon in the upcoming generation!

Jowy in Japan: Pokemon Center Tokyo

Jowy visits the mother of all Pokémon stores and leaves broke.

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Jowy in Japan: Capsule Toy Get!

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Jowy in Japan: Arrival

Here I am on the first stop of my Japan trip: Tokyo! I’ve only been here two days and I’ve already run in to a bunch of interesting Pokémon stuff! Check out my photos below.

My next stop will be Akihabara, also known as Electric Town, which is suppose to be the anime capital of the world! There will be a ton of Pokémon stuff there.  Stay tuned!

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Trogdor’s Pokémon of the Week – Salamence

Hey, it’s Trogdor, and welcome to the new POKEMON OF THE WEEK FEATURE. Here, I will choose a Pokémon, and give it a spotlight, with a competitive focus! And what better Pokémon to start our series other than…



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Pwnemon’s Card of the Week: Blastoise

Hello; Pwnemon here, bringing you the card of the week! This time, as in every four editions, I’m reviewing a deck! And, as you know you can’t have a deck without a fancy name, give it up for BFF!

This guy would totally love to be your BFF.

The name of the deck actually derives from its three main Pokemon: Blastoise, Feraligatr Prime, and Floatzel GL Lv. X. Feraligatr Prime keeps popping up in my reviews like a bad penny, but this is really the best use for him so I won’t abuse him any more, OK? Anyway, the point is to set up all three of these guys as fast as possible using cards like Broken Time Space and Interviewer’s Questions. Then, with Rain Dance, you’ll be firing off 100 damage to whatever the heck you want until Blastoise dies. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! With this limited time offer, Floatzel GL’s Water Rescue puts everything that is discarded when Blastoise dies right back in your hand, so by the next turn you’re still doing 100s like hamsters run on wheels!

This deck isn’t uncounterable, obviously. It takes a little while to set up, and even then Luxray GL just stomps all over you with an OHKO of Floatzel with Bright Look, and anything that sends you to the Lost Zone upon a KO pretty much ruins your mood. But overall this is a pretty chill deck.

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Pokemon Profile: Ho-Oh

Pokemon #250: Ho-Oh

By: HunterX


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