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Jowy vs The Vending Machines

Japan Gets Line of Eevee Merchandise

Prepare yourself to learn about more super-cool merchandise that will likely never come to the USA or Europe.  Ready?  OK!  Pokémon Center stores in Japan have announced a new line of merchandise involving Eevee and all of its evolution called “Eievui.”  The line includes T-shirts, plushies, candy, stationary and more.  

In promotion of the new merchandise, the stores will also be giving away Eevees to owners of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum from December 6th to January 12th.  According to pokemon.co.jp, trainers who evolve this event Eevee by January 31st will be eligible for another gift from the Pokémon Center stores.

[Pokemon.co.jp - Eievui]

Pokemon Gets Hungry for New Burger King Promotion

By Jeremy Sheer

Since the first Pokémon movie and its sequel, Pokémon 2000, Nintendo has had a deal with Burger King to have toys included with the restaurant’s kids’ meals. Back then, pokéball toys featured favorite characters like Pikachu Bulbasaur, and Chamander and 24-Karot cards were sold along with meals. But for almost seven years, Pokémon did not find its way back into a Burger King kids’ meal…until now.

Pokémon toys will be included with kids’ meals for the new Diamond and Pearl Trading Card Game promotion starting July 7, 2008.

For one month, Burger King will be giving, one of twelve demo Pokemon Trading Card game cards with a selected Pokémon toy in each kids’ meal. The promos are all existing cards from standard Diamond and Pearl base set, with a couple new additions. These iterations are “reverse holo” with “Diamond and Pearl” stamped on the bottom right corner of the artwork. Featured on the cards are favorites such as Pikachu, Dialga and Darkrai. more…

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Biddy vs Ho-oh

Jowy Gets a Ho-oh Doll from Nintendo World

New Pokemon Toys Shown at Toy Fair 2008

Jakks Pacific’s new Pokémon toy line.

By Jowy

Jakks Pacific showed off its new Pokémon toy line at Toy Fair 2008 in New York City last month. Check out a photo gallery of their display at the link below.

[New Pokémon Toy Line at Toy Fair]

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